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Wo-hoo !
Erb/Mayas/Hemingway "Hour music" is out now on veto/Exchnange !!!
w/ Magda Mayas and Gerry Hemingway


Erb-Loriot "Wabi Sabi" is out too on veto !!!
w/ Frantz Loriot, viola

And also out:

Erb/Weber/Künzi "Spazio Elle"
w/ Christian Weber, bass Emanuel Künzi, drums

Get a physical copy of those releases or go too Bandcamp:

Check it out here: www.veto-records.bandcamp.com

Sadly Sold out: But try those on Bandcamp

"Live in Toledo"- SOLD OUT !
With Tomeka Reid, cello and Keefe Jackson, reeds
(veto-records/exchange 010) - Sold out !

"Erb/Baker/Zerang"- SOLD OUT !
With Jim Baker, arp & piano / Michael Zerang, multiple percussion
(veto-records/exchange 001) - Sold out !

"Yuria's Dream"- SOLD OUT !
With Jason Adasiewicz, vibraphone and Jason Roebke, bass
(veto-records/exchange 009)

"Duope"- SOLD OUT !
With Keefe Jackson, reeds / Fred Lonberg-Holm, cello
Tomeka Reid cello
(veto-records/exchange 008) - Sold out !

For other releases go to veto-records.ch/exchange