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Organizing the "Race in space Festival" in 2020, in Lucerne
(Feb. 26th - March 1st)
More infos sooooon :)

Out now !
Erb/Vatcher Duo live at Gelbes Haus "Yellow live"
on veto/Exchange 016 - get your copy now :)

A new Cd-release is coming soon:
Erb/Loriot/Morishige "Dry"
will be out at the end of Octobre 2019 on veto-records/Exchange

Two new Cds with the Erb Baker Rosaly Trio are out:
"Parrots Pradise" on veto/Excange and
"...don't buy him a parrot..." on Hat Hut records are out

Other Cd's are out and still available:
The Urge trio on veto-Exchange: "Live at the hungry brain"
EKL "Dolores" veto-records 017

Other Cd's on veto-records/exchange:

The Urge Trio "Live at the hungry brain"
with Tomeka Reid, cello and Keefe Jackson, bcl, ts
(veto-records/exchange 014)

"more dreams less sleep"
with Jason Adasiewicz, vibraphone and Jason Roebke, bass
(veto-records/exchange 013)

Sadly Sold out:
"Yuria's Dream"- SOLD OUT !
with Jason Adasiewicz, vibraphone and Jason Roebke, bass
(veto-records/exchange 009)

"Duope"- SOLD OUT !
with Keefe Jackson, reeds / Fred Lonberg-Holm, cello
Tomeka Reid cello
(veto-records/exchange 008) - Sold out !

For other releases go to veto-records/EXCHANGE